• Single: "Come Soon" By: Paul Donovan 
  • Single: "The Blue Light" by: Paul Donovan 
  • Single: "In Between" by: Kennedy Williams
  • Single: "Better Days" by: Kennedy Williams
  • Single: "Own It" by: Ryan Gooch Nelson 
  • Album: Destructoid Drums by: Step Society
  • Album: Rush. Song: "Leave" by: Kennedy Williams 
  • Album: Rivers and Rhodes by: Rivers and Rhodes


  • Artist Jordin Sparks (Drums/Playback)
  • Arist: Emmy Meli (Drums/Keys/Playback)
  • Artist: Teamarrr (MD/Drums/Keys)
  • Artist: Peyton Shay (MD/Drums/Playback)
  • Artist: Ali Berke (MD/Drums/Playback)
  • Artist: Mølly (Drums/Playback)
  • Artist: Rayvon Owen (MD, Drums, Keys, Arranger)
  • Artist: Heather Cole (MD, Drums, Arranger)
  • Artist: Mercury & The Architects (Drums) 


  • Artist: Joe (sound design) 
  • Artist: Lava La Rue
  • Artist: Teamarrr
  • Artist: Rayvon Owen
  • Artist: Ali Berke
  • Artist: Peyton Shay
  • Artist: Heather Cole



Ø  Section Leader of the Year
Ø  Best Musician voted by Class of 2008
Ø  Outstanding Percussionist
Ø  Outstanding Jazz performer
Ø  Outstanding Soloist Award
Ø  Outstanding Section of the Year
Ø  Certificate of Accomplishment in Fine Arts
Ø  Outstanding Junior Award
Ø  Outstanding Senior Award
Ø  Most Improved Band Member
Ø  “Unsung” Singer
Ø  John Philip Sousa Award
Ø  Selected for American Music Abroad
Ø  Governors School of Excellence​


Musical Productions

  • "Hello Dolly"
  • "Guys and Dolls"
  • "The Music Man" x2
  • "Brigadoon"
  • "Bye Bye Birdie"
  • "Triumph of Love"
  • "Suessical"
  • "Anything Goes"
  • "Beauty and The Beast"
  • "Shrek" 
  • "Grease"
  • "The Little Mermaid" 
  • "Legally Blonde"


  • American Idol (Custom Drum Build)
  • Muni Long
  • Kelly Rowland
  • RJ Kelly for Bebe Rexha