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Peyton Shay

Proud to announce I'm the Musical Director for Peyton Shay. 

Peyton Shay, is an 18-year-old artist from Los Angeles. She grew up in a small town, which inevitably led to boredom and the discovery of her passion for music and storytelling.

Artist spotlight


Proud to announce I'm the Music Director for Rayvon Owen. 

“Rayvon Owen smoothly, and seemingly effortlessly, brings authenticity and emotion to his lyrical narrative and melodies. USA TODAY once said of Owen, “He developed a reputation for a singer willing to sacrifice technical perfection for a moment of authentic emotion.” Each song in his catalogue is a glimpse into who Owen is as a person, and a testament to the joy that can only come from being yourself.

CLIENT spotlight

Ali Berke

I'm proud to announce I'm the Music Director for Ali Berke. 

Alison Berke only 20 years old and taking the music world by her finger tips. Singer- songwriter since she was 13 and has already made huge strides in her career. 

Sound Design/efx for Joe


You won't see me but you'll hear me. I had the pleasure of doing some sound design & efx for Joe on "The Night Tour" Special thanks to Musical Director Big Mike Hart for trust me with this. 


"In Between"

I had the pleasure of playing drums and perucssion on this album. 


Magazine Write Up

Please take a moment to check out the full article write up on myself done by VoyageLA.