My focus is to make sure I serve your music with correct approach, feel & sound. I've had the pleasure of being on some of the biggest stages in the world playing drums.


I Can record at home or in person

Playing drums in the studio is an art form I love. Making your vision come to life is always my goal. I offer acoustic, programmed and midi drum recordings. I have a wide variety of drums, cymbals, & microphones to make sure we find the perfect sounds for your record.  


Musical Directing is about connecting the right musicians/team with the artist.  I'm always here to make sure we can bring you or your artist vision to life. 



Live arrangements are the best way to take your song and help it translate live. Whatever you can think of me and my amazing team and make it happen. From dance breaks, interludes, segues, solo sections, etc. We can do it all.



Part of what I love to do is make others jobs easier. I've had the pleasure of being a tech for Artist such as Kelly Rowland, Muni Long and more...


I've been editing professional videos for over 5 years. It's be come a huge passion and skill I've developed. I'm versatile in Final Cut Pro.  Providing clean crisp edits, transitions, color corrections,  audio and video sync and more. 


Offering in person (L.A. BAsed) or Online

I've been studying drums and teaching since high school. Attended Berklee College of Music and truly fell in love with teaching the art of drumming.

We'll work on various groove styles, understanding electronic drumming applications, real life experience and more. 

COnsultation/ collaboration

Consultation: Lets figured out where you're stuck and how to get you to the next level of your career. Could be your playing, networking, location etc. We'll take time out to sort out your limitations and set up a plan of attack for your future. 

Collaboration: Online collaborations is a moment for us to connect with you as an influencer, company or product. With a growing Youtube platform with over 6 Millions views I'm always happy to collab with other influencers and to product reviews or promos.