Professional services Offered


Los Angeles based (Live or studio)

Experience LA's premier drummer for various artist live performances and studio recordings. With a history of being on renowned stages, book your session now for unparalleled drumming services!

Live Arrangement & Programming Services

Bring Your Music to Life

Experience the thrill of your music fully realized with our top-tier live arrangement and programming services. Our passionate team is ready to craft dynamic dance breaks, seamless segues, and memorable solo sections tailored just for you. Elevate your live performance today and watch your vision come to life onstage!

Backline tech

Band Tech for Stars

Step onto the stage with confidence as we provide top-notch band tech services, trusted by some of your favorite artists. We ensure all musicians & artist needs are taken care of every night to help provide an unforgettable show!

COnsultation/ collaboration

Consultation: Let's figure out where you're stuck and how to get you to the next level of your career. This be a few variables such be your playing, networking, location etc. We'll take the time out to sort out your limitations and set up a plan of attack for your future. 

Collaboration: Online collaborations is a moment for us to connect with you as an influencer, company or product. With a growing Youtube platform with over 6 Millions views I'm always happy to collab with other influencers and to product reviews or promos.